Metal laser cutting and bending

CHKZ LLC additionally offers metal laser cutting and bending services. Through Swiss equipment BYSTRONIC (laser cutting machine, press brake, guillotine) we are able to produce products according to your drawings within shortest possible period of time.

We also offer to produce sheet metal components for your production: equipment boxes and cases, faceplates and backplanes with the holes of any shape, ect.

Laser cutting advantages:

  • high speed;
  • perfect cut surface;
  • absence of further processing;
  • high process efficiency;
  • material saving, due to narrow cutting width– 0,2mm;
  • small heat affected zone;
  • production of single components of any complexity;
  • repeatable complex components in any quantity;
  • absence of metal deformation.

With laser cutting we can produce components and cut parts of arbitrary shape accurate to 0,1mm from metal sheet of maximum size 3000X1500mm and width:

  • up to 20 mm – carbon steel;
  • up to 4 mm – stainless steel;
  • up to 3 mm – aluminium.

Cutting price depends on material type and width and cut component shape. Our technologies enable us to to produce a wide range of products according to your drawings (DXF, DWG).

For detailed information and metal laser cutting and bending costing, please, contact:

“CHKZ” LLC, Sheet-processing department
tel.: (351) 775-10-20 ext. 915, 927
mobile: 8-919-111-17-18, 8-919-111-77-34