Maintenance and services

CHKZ LLC high-qualified experts can render full scope of works and services to implement a compressor station project and to supply compressed air to any industrial enterprise.

Pneumatic audit of compressed air supply system at customer’s enterprise

A pneumatic audit is a comprehensive examination of compressed air supply system at the client’s enterprises. Pneumatic system audit is carried out to build the optimum enterprise compressed air supply system, and to find out solutions for quick and effective energy resources cost reducing.



Project development, equipment selection and supply

CHKZ LLC experts provide comprehensive design of new compressed air supply systems or reconstruction of existing ones. Competent design allows to reduce considerably production assets costs and increase compressor operating efficiency.



Contract supervision, installation and commissioning, personal training

CHKZ LLC experts assist to carry out contract supervision – these works should be carried out by well-trained and prepared specialists, who have enough experience and know-how for the equipment operating Drawing on expertise and extensive experience we guarantee to perform works of high quality.



Warranty and after-sales service

CHKZ LLC pays special attention to service and ensures maintenance of high quality. In order to make it more convenient for our client, we opened a range of service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.



Affordable manufacturer leasing

CHKZ LLC developed a special sale program to support our clients. We offer low-interest leased sales on special favorable terms.



Metal laser cutting and bending

CHKZ LLC additionally offers metal laser cutting and bending services. Through Swiss equipment BYSTRONIC (laser cutting machine, press brake, guillotine) we are able to produce products according to your drawings within shortest possible period of time.