KS Oil Free Compressor Units

Oil free compressor unit KS-5,5

  1. cable entry;
  2. dispensing valve;
  3. front panel;
  4. drive motor;
  5. vibration mount;
  6. compressor;
  7. hood support rod;
  8. cooling unit;
  9. control panel;
  10. electric panel;
  11. mist eliminating filter (option);
  12. bottom;
  13. support;
  14. frame.

Since January 2014 the assortment of range of the equipment produced by Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant, LLC has been added by oil free scroll compressor units KS. These state-of -the-art machines are designed using advanced technologies and high-quality components from the leading manufacturers.

Oil free scroll compressors KS series produced by Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant, LLC are designed for supplying customers with oil free compressed air in applications with high requirements to the air purity. High quality of the compressed air (100% oil free air) and operational reliability can be guaranteed by a scroll compressor.

The main item of the unit is an oil free scroll compressor that is produced for production of the compressed air of the first class according to ISO.

The working tools of the unit are two steel scrolls which are interposed in each other. Under the influence of eccentric a moving scroll moves in a plane-parallel way towards a fixed scroll.

The nodes and components are installed on a common base plate with account of the free access for maintenance. A unit is placed in a soundproofed hood and powder painted that's why it is safely protected from corrosion during all the period of mechanical life.

  1. body frame;
  2. screwdown of moving scroll;
  3. counterweight;
  4. pulley bearing and fan support;
  5. inner fan casing;
  6. outer fan casing;
  7. plug;
  8. upper air purifier tube;
  9. fix scroll casing;
  10. fix scroll;
  11. compressed air outlet;
  12. moving scroll;
  13. scroll cooling fins;
  14. lower intake hose chamber.

Characteristic feature of oil free compressor units KS is a low noise level achieved through compressor balance, antivibration mounts, sound proof hooding. Compressor units can be installed in close proximity to operational location.

Another feature of oil free scroll compressors KS series is unsurpassed reliability. Comparatively low amount of rotating parts, low demand for expandable materials allow optimizing number and intervals of schedule maintenance, to increase considerable compressor lifetime compressor.

Technical characteristics
Model Capacity range,
m3/ min
Capacity range,min,
m3/ min
Capacity range,max,
m3/ min
Nominal pressure, mPa Outlet pressure, mPa Inlet pressure,
Outlet pressure min,MPa Outlet pressure max,MPa Drive power,
Frequency of rotation,
mm(weight, kg)
Oil consumption,
Seria Nitrogen purity,% Air flow at pressure,
Weight, kg Order
KS-2 8,48/7,06 (0,24/0,2) 116/145 (8/10) 2,95 (2,2) 25,59x21,65x39,76 (650х550х1010) узнать цену Заказать
КS-2R (250 l) 8,48/7,06 (0,24/0,2) 116/145 (8/10) 2,95 (2,2) 51,75x23,62x64,17 (1310х600х1630) узнать цену Заказать
КS-5,5 21,19/15,54 (0,6/0,44) 116/145 (8/10) 7,4 (5,5) 25,59x21,65x39,76 (650х550х1010) узнать цену Заказать
КS-5,5R (250 l) 21,19/15,54 (0,6/0,44) 116/145 (8/10) 7,4 (5,5) 51,75x23,62x64,17 (1310х600х1630) узнать цену Заказать
KS-5,5R (500 l) 21,19/15,54 (0,6/0,44) 116/145 (8/10) 7,4 (5,5) 70,78x25,59x68,90 (1800х650х1750) узнать цену Заказать
KS-7,5 30,02 (0,85) 116 (8) 10,1 (7,5) 31,50x25,59x45,28 (800х650х1150) узнать цену Заказать
KS-7,5R (250 l) 30,02 (0,85) 116 (8) 10,1 (7,5) 51,57x25,59x68,90 (1310х650х1750) узнать цену Заказать
KS-7,5R (500 l) 30,02 (0,85) 116 (8) 10,1 (7,5) 70,87x25,59x74,80 (1800х650х1900) узнать цену Заказать
KS-22 84,76 (2,4) 116/145 (8/10) 29,5 (22) on request узнать цену Заказать


*- прайсовая цена от 2019-03-19

Minimum delivery at STP*, cfm (m3/min)
* - STP standard conditions uses a temperature of 68°F (20°C) and an absolute pressure of 14,7 psi (1 bar).