Adsorption nitrogen units

Adsorption gas-separating technology is used with the necessity of producing nitrogen with purity over 99,95%. Adsorption technology is based on molecular sieve adsorption of certain matters, which secures air mixture separation

CHKZ LLC offers complete technical solutions with adsorption nitrogen units (AMU) with the following characteristics:

Technical characteristics

Nitrogen purity, %

Output, nm3/h

Pressure, MPa

Dew point, °С

Ambient temperature, °С





от +3 до +50

An example of a complete technical solution is presented below:  mobile gas-separating stations on the basis of BKK, developed for Antipinsk oil refinery. One module integrates compressed air supply systems (for instrumentation and controls) and and nitrogen supply systems (purity of 99,95%) for technological processes aligned with petrochemicals.

Азотные адсорбционные установки

Specialists of CHKZ LLC will help you to select nitrogen producing equipment depending on your requirements to the quality and output of produced nitrogen.  For this purpose you may fulfill a questionnaire at our website or download it and send to e-mail: or to the sales department CHKZ LLC by fax: (351) 775-10-20.