Gas compressors

The compressors are used in oil and gas industry when utilizing oil-dissolved gases to boost and transport them to the recycling site

Inlet pressure: from vacuum (-0,5 -3 bar exc.)

Outlet pressure: 7-10 bar exc.

On customers demand the designated characteristics can be broadened.  

In energy producing the compressors are used for pressuring up natural gas from 3-15 bars exc. (pressure in pipe line) to the pressure necessary for gas turbines operation (from 25-40 bar exc.  – Depending on the turbine technical parameters.

All gas compressors by CHKZ are automatized and explosion proof.


Specialists of CHKZ LLC will help you to select nitrogen producing equipment depending on your requirements to the quality and output of produced nitrogen.  For this purpose you may fulfill a questionnaire at our website or download it and send to e-mail: or to the sales department CHKZ LLC by fax: (351) 775-10-20.