Centrifugal Compressors «SAMSUNG TECHWIN»

Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant LLC is an official dealer of SAMSUNG TECHWIN in Russia and CIS countries and offers centrifugal compressors SM series.

Centrifugal compressors manufactured by «SAMSUNG TECHWIN» are very asked-for on the Russian market. «SAMSUNG TECHWIN» company produces compressor equipment since 1997 and owns contemporary aircraft-motorbuilding manufacturing facilities   in Changvon, South Korea.

The SM compressors series designers took the worlds’ compressor manufacturing experience into account and reinforced it with a thorough quality control system, which is usual for aircraft building.  The advanced technological solutions and high reliability combination make the centrifugal compressors SM series be evaluated as top-class products.

The compressor is designed to allow the most easy operation and maintenance service. Thanks to the well thought-out control system of the SM series compressors they operate equally effectively at different industries. The unsurpassed automatic operation efficiency makes the SM series compressors a reliable source of oil-free compressed air for technical processes and equipment. 

Most of the SM series centrifugal compressors are fully assembled on a frame at the manufacturer plant. There is no need in any special base or bindings for mounting the compressor.

Extra high capacity centrifugal compressors are designed to make it possible to move them by parts (engine, reduction gear with wheels, coolers) with the help of a beam crane or other lifting machines. Easy partially transportation without warranty loss is an irrefutable advantage of the SM series compressors. You will need only a flat surface, able to handle the weight, in order to install the compressor and start getting compressed air.

Advantages of centrifugal compressors «SAMSUNG TECHWIN»:

  • absolutely oil-free air production;
  • high efficiency because of the high rotation speed;
  • carefully balanced rotating parts provide smooth running and vibration absence;
  • fully assembled;
  • fully automated and is able to maintain set parameters in a wide efficiency range and at changing ambient conditions.
Technical characteristics
Model Capacity range,
m3/ min
Capacity range,min,
m3/ min
Capacity range,max,
m3/ min
Nominal pressure, mPa Outlet pressure, mPa Inlet pressure,
Outlet pressure min,MPa Outlet pressure max,MPa Drive power,
Frequency of rotation,
mm(weight, kg)
Oil consumption,
Seria Nitrogen purity,% Air flow at pressure,
Weight, kg Order
SM 2000 12,5 50 6,5-10 93-260 2550x1500x1900 (3400) узнать цену Заказать
SM 2000 20 40 6,5-10 140-260 2550x1500x2800 (4500) узнать цену Заказать
SM 3000 20 40 4,5-20 210-2390 4350x2100x2100 (7000) узнать цену Заказать
SM 4000 80 140 4,5-20 210-2390 4650x2100x2200 (9000) узнать цену Заказать
SM 5000 120 250 4,5-20 210-2390 5200x2150x2100 (12000) узнать цену Заказать
SM 6000 200 350 4,5-20 210-2390 5800x2300x2550 (18000) узнать цену Заказать
SM 7000 360 780 4,5-25 2000-9500 8000x4400x4250 (45000) узнать цену Заказать
SM 8000 850 2030 4,5-25 6700-35200 13000x6500x7000 (148000) узнать цену Заказать


*- прайсовая цена от 2019-03-19

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