Industry solutions

Chelyabinsk compressor plant LLC trying to anticipate expectations of our clients developed a range of complete technical solutions for compressed air supply in various industrial sectors: services and subdivisions of “Russian Rail ways” JSC, enterprises of food industry, oil-and-gas complex, mining industry, constructing sector and engineering sector.

Technical solutions for services and subdivisions of “Russian Rail ways” JSC

Specialists of «CHKZ» CJSC developed a range of special technical solutions to supply compressed air for technology processes in subdivisions of “Russian Rail ways” JSC. All compressor units and stations are certified.

Поршневые компрессоры бытового назначения

Integrated solutions for oil-and –gas

In oil-and-gas industry nitrogen is a principal element in the majority of technological processes. For this reason specialists of our design department and engineering service developed a nitrogen-air screw compressor station in a modular container (BKK).

Technical solutions for mining industry

Specialists of CHKZ LLC developed an explosion proof screw compressor DEN for mining industry. Compressors DEN are designed to provide compressed air to pneumatic instruments, pneumatic drilling rigs and mechanism drives in underground mines, in pithead buildings.

A range of compressors and boosters for various sectors of energy producing industry

CHKZ LLC offers a range of piston compressors and booster KP, VShV “Powerman”. Against your order we will supply medium and high pressure compressors and boosters. 

Compressor DEN + EcoTec Converter = the best alternative to oil–free compressor in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

In food industry compressed air is to free of any adulterants, oil particles in particular.