Compressor group control system

For compressor system control automatization in modern technologies special-purpose microprocessor control units are applied. They feature intelligent control algorithms which allow securing full automatization of a compressor station or compressor group and to reduce energy consumption.

CHKZ LLC offers control units “METACENTRE” (СМС, Belgium) specially developed for compressor groups controlling.   Control units  “METACENTRE” feature the following functions:

  • control of a compressor group (up to 24 units);
  • contraction of average operational pressure fluctuations amplitude;
  • adapting adjustment – controls the number of shutdowns and  transitions to idle mode, estimates optimization and coordinates compressor units operation;
  • allows to use up to 6 various preset parameter configurations of work modes  ;
  • In real time performs preliminary system filling in, final shutdown of operational pressure reduction in lunchtime or  in shift breaks;
  • controls pressure values in 3 different points of a pneumatic system;
  • controls additional or auxiliary equipment;
  • feeds information to an operator’s PC and ACUTP top level.

METACENTRE provides compressed air feeding in demanded  quantity at minimum energy costs. It saves up to 25% of energy as compared to conventional cascade control systems.

Typical communication scheme

The scheme comprises distributed intelligent devices for additional equipment control:

  • cooloing equipment, dryers, filters, drains, etc.;
  • gauges of pressure, temperature, dew point,  flow meters, etc.;
  • NNI, modems and servers sustaining integration with evolving control systems and special programs for PC for data visualization and  analysis.