BКК with Compressor Units DEN Type (Electric Drive)

Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant LLC offers standard versions of compressor stations with electric driven compressor units DEN type, as well as is able to design a compressor station according to the customers’ requirements.

БКК ДЭН с электрическим приводом
Technical characteristics
Model Capacity range*, m3/min Pressure, atm.

Compressor unit power, kW

Dimensions, L*W*H, mm

BKK with DEN

0,3-55,0 7,0-13,0 4,0-400

Up to 12 m length version is available

*- bigger capacity upon request

More information about the compressor units’ complete you could find at Screw Compressor Units DEN Type with Electric Drive.

CHKZ LLC specialists will help you to choose a compressor station depending on your needs. Please fill in the questionnaire below or download it to your PC and send to the CHKZ LLC Sales Department by e-mail sales@chkz.ru or by fax (351) 775-10-20.