BКК with Transformation Substations

Compressor block-modular stations with transformation substations (BKK with TP) are designed for supplying technological processes of different industries with a high-quality compressed air.

The main advantage of the block-modular station is the ability to accept electricity with a 6 (10) kW voltage and transform it to 0,4 kW, which enables to supply not only the compressor equipment installed in the station, but also the outer consumers with this transformed energy.

A reactive power compensation device could be installed in the BKK with TP as optional equipment. It allows influencing the reactive power balance directly in order to control the voltage in the electrical power system point and to reduce energy losses in the distributive net.   

Compressor block-modular station with transformation substation corresponds to the GOST 22853-86 technical requirements, operates at the ambient temperature from         -50ºC up to +45ºC, at the inner temperature from +5ºC up to +40ºC, at 80% relative humidity in the regions I-V according to the snow cover weight, in the regions I-III depending on ram air and in the regions with an 8 points MSK-64 seismicity.  

Compressor block-modular station with transformation substation is a complete and ready to work mobile complex, which doesn’t need any special base. Maximum load at the supporting points must not exceed 4,75 kg/sm2.

BKK with TP is made of non-frame 3 layer 60 mm thickness panels with polyurethane heat insulation (Y=56 kg/m3). The fire resistance range of the building is 3, category B.

A prefabricated block-modular station is a comprehensive solution, which is considered to be the most efficient for more than 250 kW power compressor stations construction.

БКК с трансформаторной подстанцией ТП

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