Compressor Block-Modular Stations (BKK)

Compressor block-modular stations (BKK, МКS) – are complete autonomous compressor stations, manufactured based on the customers requirements specification and in accordance with the technical conditions. This is considered to be an efficient compressed air (nitrogen) supply solution for your technical processes with a capacity of 0,5-400 m3/min and 15-55,0 mPa pressure.
Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant LLC offers a wide range of standard compressor block-modular stations’ version, as well as is able to design a compressor station according to the customers’ requirements.


Compressor block-modular stations’ (BKK) field-performance data

Heating and venting systems allow operating at the wide temperature range:

from -40°С up to + 40°С – standard version
from -60°С up to +40°С – «North» version
from -40°С up to +50°С – «Tropic» version

Autonomy Only a horizontal surface and a power supply connection are required for the compressor block modular station operation. Each compressor block modular station is equipped by automatic heating and fire fighting systems.
Mobility Compressor block modular station doesn’t need any special base and can be moved to any convenient for a customer place. Moreover the BKK could be mounted on chassis or rails.
Sufficient savings for construction No building design or construction is required.
Incomparably smaller construction terms A standard compressor station is being designed and constructed at least during 1 year. BKK is supplied complete and is being put into operation within several days.
Stable pressure and low compressed air losses BKK is mounted closed to a customer. There are no long pipelines and as a result there are no pressure drops or leakages.
Energy savings Because of the insufficient pipelines’ length there are no losses as well as the heating system saves energy because it is needed only for a station start up. For the rest operation period the station is being heated by means of the hot air coming from the compressor units. 
High quality of compressed air Purifying and drying system, installed in a compressor block-modular station, provides high quality of compressed air that reduces equipment tear and wear, prevents moisture freezing in pneumatic pipelines and valves  and sufficiently reduces their corrosion.
Automation and remote Metacentre control Enables to exercise control and monitoring a remote compressor equipment. Maintains constant working pressure in the system. Controls technical condition of the compressor equipment. Reports warning and emergency alarms of the equipment. All the information can be transferred to the upper level АСУ ТП in a MODBUS RTU protocol format.

Standard BKK (MKS) implementation

Name Technical characteristics
1. Block-modular station with arch roof design (climatic implementation may apply) Three layer frameless panels of 60mm thickness or more according to TU (Technical Conditions) No.67-18-165-93 with polyurethane foam isolation material of 56 kg/m3 density.
Room category according to Russian Safety Rules No.03-105-03 В
Fire resistance grade according to SNIP (Sanitary Rules and Regulations) No.21-01-99 III
1.1 Manual worm chain block TRSHB – carrying capacity is 1000 (2000) kg.
Mobile on a monorail.
1 pc.
1.2. Automatic firefighting system OSP-2 – automatic powder fire extinguisher set
1.3. Illumination system (inside) Luminescent lighting set
1.4. Illumination system (outside) Halogen projector with symmetrical reflector, 500 W. 1 pc.
1.5. Combined extract-and-input system Extract-and-input windows jalousie with automatic electric control (electric drive - BELIMO LM 230). set
1.6. Heating system Electric convector and radiators. set
2. Compressor unit DEN, KV, KP, AMU types units. May be supplied with booster for high pressure system (up tо 500 atm.).
3. Pipeline fittings Complete piping of compressors, receivers and additional equipment (metal-plastic or metal).
4. Compressed air preparation system

If more careful purification and drying are required, the compressor units may be supplied by additional equipment, which allows getting 0 pollution class compressed air at the outlet according to GOST 17433-80.
DEN compressor units prepare the air of an 8 class industrial purity according to GOST 17433-80 (russian standarts).

5. Lead-in distributor (VRU) Provides the required power supply reliability category.  I – III

Additional Options

Name Description
Compressor group controller Compressor group control device (wires, radio) with a remote computer visualization and data archiving availability.
Corporate color painting A block-modular station as well as a compressor unit could be painted in a customer’s corporate color.
Fire – security alarm There are transmit-receive sensors (volume and smoke sensitive) mounted and their status is being transferred to the control station. Standard BKK implementation already has an automatic fire fighting system without the information transferring to the control station option.
Rails, chassis Increases mobility and easy moving of BKK.
Air preparation system Up to 0 pollution class according to GOST 17433-80 or up to 1.1.1 purity class according to GOST ISO 8573-1-2005 (russian stantarts). Higher purity class is available.
Emergency lighting system Provides lightening from autonomous power supply (accumulators) in case of emergency switch of the outer power source (not less then 20 min.). 
LED lightening Energy effective lightening. To be used at up to -60°С ambient temperature.
Electricity and compressed air flow rate calculation points Availability of compressed air flow rate and electricity control.
Pre-filters at  the inlet windows Pre-filtration of the air at the inlet of a block modular station. To be used at high dustiness areas.

Implementation variants:

CHKZ LLC specialists will help you to choose a compressor station depending on your needs. Please fill in the questionnaire below or download it to your PC and send to the CHKZ LLC Sales Department by e-mail or by fax (351) 775-10-20.