Optional Equipment

Prestart heating of the cooling liquid – electric heater of the cooling liquid, which requires 220W power and is used for engine maintenance in the hot standby condition when mounted on the second and third automation stages’ diesel electric stations or on the power plants working as reserve power sources.   Cooling liquid temperature in a guard mode should be kept by a controller at 35-45° С.

Предпусковой подогрев охлаждающей жидкости

Automatic reserve switching device (AVR) – loading reserve power source for 2 and more inputs power-supply system intended for its reliability enhancement. It starts automatically when the main power-supply source stops its operation by any reason.

Автоматическое включение резерва, АВР

Separators – remove all the dirt, including organic and non-organic materials, microorganisms and water from the fuel. Separators’ appliance sufficiently reduces operating costs and downtime and as a result not only saves money, but even brings extra profit. 


Controller for the autonomous diesel generator stations’ parallel operation. This controller performs automatic start and stop of a certain generator from an energy system, which consist of several generator units, depending on their power consumption. It also equally spreads the load and power between the working stations of the system and guarantee constant and high quality power supply of an object.

Блок для параллельной работы АДГУ

Reduced noise level silencer – are used for reduce of exhaust noise of the operating opened unit. Besides the “CHKZ” CJSC ADGU units are supplied by standard silencers in basic version, they could be supplied by the ones which reduce the noise level for 20 dB. The units delivered in cabinets are supplied by this type of silencer on default.

Глушители с пониженным уровнем шума

ADGU remote access control. This option provides remote start and stop the of engine, control of the ADGU inlet parameters’, adjustment operation regimes and the unit additional options’ control.

Контроль удаленного доступа АДГУ

Chassis. There are mobile implementations of ADGU units available on chassis (1- or 2-wheeled) or rails (upon request).

Передвижные варианты исполнения АДГУ на шасси