Block Modular Energy-Station (BKE)

Блок-контейнерная энергоустановка БКЭBlock modular energy-station is a heat-insulated container inside of which there is a diesel-generator unit supplied with all the systems  necessary for normal ADGU operation in aggressive ambient conditions.

The BKE is designed to fulfill the largest Russian diesel-generators consumers’ needs and in accordance with all the necessary operating requirements.

Technical characteristics
Model Capacity range,
m3/ min
Capacity range,min,
m3/ min
Capacity range,max,
m3/ min
Nominal pressure, mPa Outlet pressure, mPa Inlet pressure,
Outlet pressure min,MPa Outlet pressure max,MPa Drive power,
Frequency of rotation,
mm(weight, kg)
Oil consumption,
Seria Nitrogen purity,% Air flow at pressure,
Weight, kg Order
BKE with ADGU 10-100 <br>100-400<br> 400-1500 4500х2900х3220<br> 6000х2900х3220<br> 7500х2900х3220 <br>subject to modification узнать цену Заказать


*- прайсовая цена от 2019-03-19

For more information about the complete diesel-generator units please follow the link Opened Autonomous Diesel-Generator Units.

BKE Operational Features

Electric heating and venting systems allow the units working in a wide temperature range:

from -40°С up to +40°С – Standard version
from -60°С up to +40°С – “North” version
from -40°С up to +50°С – “Tropic” version

Autonomy All is needed for a BKE operation is a horizontal surface.
Mobility BKE doesn’t need any special base, that’s why it can be moved to any convenient and closer to a customer place.

Base BKE package


Characteristics, description, model

1. Block-modular station with arched roof design (in required climatic implementation)

Metal cage with bordering made of 60mm width 3-layer panels without framework according to russian standarts with 56 kg/m3 density polyurethane foam heat insulation.

Room category


Fire resistance degree 


1.1. Automatic firefighting system

Automatic powder fire extinguisher.
Response temperature:+100 ºС.


1.2. Lightening system (inside)

Fluorescent lighting


1.3. Lightening system (outside)

Halogen projector with symmetrical reflector, 500 W.

1 pc.

1.4. Combined extract-and-input system

Inlet and outlet windows’ electric controlled jalousie (electric drive – BELIMO LM 230).


1.5. Heating system

Electric convector (electric radiator)


3. Diesel-generator


1 pc.

4. Power supply control system

Cable input from external source, wiring layout through the block-modular station. 

BKE additional options



Automatic Standby Activation (АВР)

Automatic standby activation device

Additional tank

Fuel tank of required capacity

Automatic fuel pump

For fuel pumping from additional tank

Prestart engine heating

Cooling jacket liquid heating. For a more safe and short engine start up time 

Remote access control via GSM

DGU control remote access is available

Emergency lighting

Accumulator emergency lighting 

LED lighting

Energy saving LED lighting


Inlet windows’ pre-filters of BKE venting system for operation in high dustiness industries

Chassis, rails

Chassis or rails for providing mobility of BKE

Fire and security alarm

Fire and security alarm with information display availability at a control station (can be supplied by gas, powder automatic firefighting system)

CHKZ LLC specialists will help you to choose a block modular energy station depending on your needs. Please fill in the inquiry sheet on our web site or download it to you PC and send the filled form to the CHKZ LLC Sales Department by email or by fax (351) 775-10-20.