Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant (ЧКЗ)

Компрессорный завод

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with effective engineering solutions, high quality equipment and service by means of accurate understanding of the modern industry needs and the local producer value establishing at the international market.

Our vision:

We are determined to win the new horizons of global industry, maintaining the leading positions on the domestic market, providing innovative engineering solutions and high quality equipment for gas compression.

We intend to achieve this by means of:

  1. High quality and short terms of effective technical solutions development, manufacturing and service.
  2. Corporate culture high level maintenance, team spirit strengthening, personal initiative encouragement.
  3. Persistent development of human potential and competitive advantage achievement due to the professional skill of our employees.
  4. Respectful attitude towards our partners and suppliers.
  5. High financial performance due to innovations.

Short story

Chelyabinsk compressor plant LLC is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of compressed air. Our main approach implies complex solution of the challenge to build compressed air supply systems with regards to the specific character of the customer’s site. Such approach secures reasonable selection of the components from the point of view of energy- and cost efficiency of production.

Our advantages:

  • complex approach to supplying technological processes with compressed air;
  • quick response;
  • a wide net of sales and service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,   Belarus, Mongolia;
  • after-sales support (information, service maintenance, equipment upgrading);
  • modern hi tech manufacturing facilities;
  • highly professional staff;
  • components manufactured by the world leading companies such as Deutz, GHH-RAND, ROTORCOMP, Danfoss, Schneider Electric etc.

Our products:


Our services:

The company structure comprises the following subdivisions:

  • Production departments: machining, painting, assembling, assemble-welding, high pressure vessels production department, trials, acceptance tests, as well as sheet-metalworking department and department of block-modular buildings assemble ;
  • design and engineering department;
  • quality control service and technical control;
  • service department;
  • commercial department;
  • storage and transport department and others.

Company’s manufacturing complex is equipped with the up-to-date equipment.

Laser technological complex «BYSTAR 4020» secures high cutting accuracy with no limitation to geometrical complexity and minimal metal deformation.

Forming machines «BEYELER PR 100х2550» secures the possibility of accurate forming of molded shapes with compound cross sections.  

Powder coating conveyor «Taiss» features multi-stage pretreatment: degreasing, phosphating, washing etc. Coated housings and frames for compressor units retain excellent coating throughout all the lifetime of compressor units. 

CNC processing centres from the world DECKEL-MAHO, Mazak, FEELER, Takisawa secure high accuracy and rate of material processing. Operated by qualified personnel this equipment allows producing compressor units components of the robust quality.

Welding equipment «LINCOLN» helps to handle thickness of a welding seam up to  25 mm.

Bending rolls «SAHINLER» allows reaching pipe diameter for one-seam welding up to 5 m.